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Sun, sand, and sea. City sights or northern lights. Mountainside or desert-wide. Landscapes painted by nature or enhanced by history. The choice is yours when you “go” with Travel Impressions, a multiple award-winning global tour operator servicing over 1,800 destinations worldwide and trusted by travel agents since 1974.

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Sand that seemingly glows from within its granules in deserts and palm-lined beaches alike. Architecture as finely detailed as a bride’s hennaed hands. Prayer flags stark against fine white snow and sharp blue skies. Terraced fields that break up swathes of mountain greens, and monasteries clinging to steely cliff sides. Armies made of stone, cities sprung from the future, temples that have stood for thousands of years with nary a nail to hold it upright … the slideshow of images goes on and on.

Yet as diverse as they are, there’s one thread that ties them all together: they’re all found in Asia. From relics of ancient civilization in China to time-honored traditions in Japan, the rice fields of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta and the ruins of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, and the colorful festivals to Taipei to the equally vibrant markets of India, a world of discovery awaits in the Far East. 

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