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Sometimes, the best service is the kind that’s provided even before you ask for it.

At Travel Impressions, we pride ourselves on anticipating the needs of travel advisors and their customers … and that includes providing the most competitive values and rates in the industry.

When you book with Travel Impressions, we not only empower you with the ability to price-match any vacation package for free, but we also pre-approve an astounding 90% of them, providing you with a decision immediately. This means you’ll get the best available price plus all the benefits of booking with Travel Impressions.

Did you know that we pre-approve
90% of our price matches?

Don’t wait! Price matching is easy with Travel Impressions. When all components are like-for-like, your clients’ package may qualify as a pre-approved price match. Even if it doesn’t qualify as a pre-approved price match, it can still be considered for case-by-case approvals.

Scroll down learn just how simple getting the most competitive rates with the industry’s leading tour operators can be.


Create a new Travel Impressions reservation within VAX VacationAccess


Capture screenshots of the competitor price, featuring travel dates, destination, total rate, and all other matching details, as well as time and date stamp


Submit your price match request to

Click here for step-by-step instructions on the screenshot process and to see acceptable examples for Price Match!


Save the stress for something else—Travel Impressions has your price match request already set for you for the following types of rate challenges.

Standard Tour Operators
  • Preapproved and valid at all  hotels at earned commission up to 15%.
    Examples: Pleasant Holidays, Vacation Express
  • Will match competitor final price, including their promo codes
  • Class of air service, if available, must be displayed and match the Travel Impressions reservation

Hotel-Direct Bookings
  • Pre-approved and valid at all hotels with earned commission up to 15%
    Examples: RIU, Iberostar, Couples
  • Will match competitor final price, including their promo codes
OTAs (Online Travel Agents)
  • Pre-approved and valid at Instant OTA Price Match Plus hotels with 10% commission
    Examples:, Expedia, Travelocity,
  • Instant OTA Price Match hotels can be found by looking for the blue box in VAX VacationAccess
  • Will match competitor final price, including their promo codes
  • Class of air service, if available, must be displayed and match the Travel Impressions reservation

Although the overwhelming majority of Price Match requests are pre-approved, a few situations like these below may require a bit more consideration.

Airline Vacation Brands
  • Each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis
    Examples: Delta Vacations, American Airlines Vacations, United Vacations. Not valid against JetBlue Vacations

OTAs (Non-Instant Price Match Hotels)
  • Pertaining specifically to hotels that are not pre-approved
  • Each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with 10% commission
  • Class of air service, if available, must be displayed and match the Travel Impressions reservation
Membership Programs & Clubs
  • Each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with 10% commission
    Examples: Costco, My Iberostar, Priceline VIP, Melia Rewards, Barcelo Mi, Military, Senior, AAA Discounts, member rates or other membership discounts
  • Class of air service, if available, must be displayed and match the Travel Impressions reservation
  • Limit one price match per reservation valid on new same-day bookings only
  • Price match approval is not guaranteed
  • ENVF blackout dates are 11/21/24 - 11/28/24, 12/21/24 - 12/31/24, 3/7/25 - 4/7/25, 4/11/25 - 4/25/25, 11/21/25 - 11/26/25 and 12/19/25 - 12/31/25 (no black out dates within 60 days of departure) and can change at any time. ENVF price match requests over these dates (both departure and return) are not guaranteed and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Valid for new, same-day bookings including valid print screens from competitors that same day
  • Competitors must be U.S. based
  • Price matches are on the hotel portion of the package; optional features such as travel protection are excluded from the price match adjustment
  • Travel Impressions promo codes may not be used for additional discounting on top of the competitor-matched price
  • When matching a competitor that includes a promo code which caps commission, the commission on the Travel Impressions reservation will also be capped
  • Non-refundable rates cannot be matched unless comparing our non-refundable rate (if available) to competitor's non-refundable rate
  • Rates that require pre-payment terms cannot be matched
  • Competitive price match adjustments will be removed should any modification be made to the hotel component of the reservation, including repricing to a lower rate using the Lowest Price Guarantee, a promo code added or flight change made
  • Supporting back-up MUST be a screen shot, such as a static and non-modifiable print screen inclusive of computer date/time stamp for verification; it cannot be simply copied and pasted from a website. URLs, mobile print screens and e-mailed itineraries are also NOT accepted forms
  • Price matches with a price differential of over $1,000 total or over 40% of the hotel rate on the reservation are subject to further review and are not guaranteed
  • Policies are subject to change without notice
  • It is the responsibility of the travel agent to verify all competitor rates and if a rate given by the client is not a basis for a valid price match
  • Tour operator price match requests must be with a major wholesaler paying travel advisor commissions of 10% or more and selling the same components
  • Exclusions include, but are not limited to, the following: retail travel agencies, travel protection, optional tours, competitor errors, internationally based companies and membership rates of any type (this includes membership clubs, hotel loyalty programs, AAA rates, military discounts, senior rates, residency requirements, airline loyalty discounts (Delta SkyMiles, United MileagePlus, etc), etc).
  • If the ALGV price of the original price-matched reservation decreases after booking and becomes lower than the competitor-match price, clients with Travel Protection Plus (TPP) can claim the lower ALGV price, according to ther terms of the TPP Price Guarantee and the original price match adjustment will be removed.
  • If United Vacations® is matched with a promo code, commission is capped at 10%
  • All other procedures and policies (i.e. guarantee policy, payment policy, cancellation penalties) apply as with all other bookings
  • When price matching multiple rooms with different occupancies in one booking, separate screenshots for each occupancy booking must be provided
  • Each booking will be processed per Travel Impressions policy
  • For any Atlantis properties, the following screenshots must be provided: Front page where travel information is entered; second page with daily breakdown of room rates; and final page with all taxes, fees, and amenities shown

Remember: For identified pre-approved matches, all components must be like-to-like to be valid.

Fun Facts


Getting the best price doesn’t have to mean sacrificing service. By booking with Travel Impressions, you and your customers will also benefit from:

  • A robust and multi-gateway Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flight program to America’s favorite sun-and-sand destinations
  • Three refund options for Travel Protection Plus—all of which include Cancel for Any Reason coverage
  • Our normal, flexible deposit policies, plus the convenience of Uplift Pay Monthly
  • Exclusive Perks, a collection of private offers from the best hotel brands reserved only for customers traveling with Travel Impressions or the ALG Vacations™ family of tour operators.
  • Steep savings with programs like Steal of a Deal in addition to corporate promotions and super-sales


  • Bonus WAVES™ points incentives, along with automatic distribution with every booking
  • Commission protection of up to $200 per booking (for the travel credit-only option) with Travel Protection Plus
  • Self-service, automated technology through VAX VacationAccess, saving you time on modifications, travel credit redemption, cancellations, and more

Monday – Saturday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm CT

Email us at for all questions and inquiries!

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