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Sun, sand, and sea. City sights or northern lights. Mountainside or desert-wide. Landscapes painted by nature or enhanced by history. The choice is yours when you “go” with Travel Impressions, a multiple award-winning global tour operator servicing over 1,800 destinations worldwide and trusted by travel agents since 1974.

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United States

The streets are paved in gold, it was once whispered, The land of opportunity. It’s known as the “land of the free,” where “purple mountains majesty” shade “amber waves of grain;” in China, its name is simply “the Beautiful Nation.” However, we’re fortunate enough to call the United States by one word: home.

We live in a country so geographically and culturally diverse that people spend their whole lives traveling its borders and still leave sights unseen. One of the mightiest nations today, filled with unique states and reasons to visit, it’s no wonder that travelers from the world over dream about our famous, fast-paced cities and tropical, alpine, prairie, desert, forest, and beachfront landscapes under endless skies. “From the mountains / to the prairies / and the oceans white with foam,” every state leaves its own lasting impression, but common to them all is “America, the Beautiful.”