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For most travelers, it’s not just about where they go. It’s what they do when they get there.

That’s where excursions, transfers, and in-destination assistance comes in. And that’s why it’s critically important to pre-arrange these services with vetted partners that have stood the test of time and are committed to the customer service standards we at Travel Impressions hold so dearly. Partners like Amstar DMC.

Booking excursions in advance lets your customers...

  • Experience the highlights and must-sees of their destination in efficient formats that make the
    most of their time
  • Visit renowned sites in safety under the supervision of a trained, connected guide
  • Move from place to place in comfort, style, and convenience
  • Get acquainted quickly with the things that make a place special while still allotting time to linger
    and savor the moments
  • Go through a cultural and educational orientation to better appreciate where they are
  • Learn about local traditions and see life through a new lens

Plus, planning ahead provides agent advantages that support your success as Travel Impressions’ destination. Excursions and transfers are:

  • Fully commissionable, providing another way to boost your sales
  • An added opportunity to shine, by anticipating your customers’ needs
  • A great way to guarantee a spot to ensure no one misses out
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