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Persian Gulf

The destinations of the Persian Gulf are set to stun, both literally and figuratively. From Abu Dhabi to Dubai, your first encounter is easily a physical one, with larger-than-life features that show the might of man and ingenuity in an improbable landscape.

Be staggered by wealth and luxury beyond comprehension in the United Arab Emirates, and blinded by the sunlit dazzle of cityscapes of towering glass. Take in commanding views of clear waters, artfully shaped to human will with man-made land masses like Palm Jumeirah. Throw your head back to take in the futuristic shapes of Qatar’s skyscrapers, or in the desert of Doha on an ATV as you let the sand dunes take you on a wild ride. Or take it back—all the way back—to antiquity in Muscat, Oman’s mountains, deserts, and colonial forts and mosques, and let history take your breath away.

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